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 Stephen J. Capron
Capron & Edwards, P.L.L.C.

Nationwide, US 00000

Position: Partner

TEL: 888-501-5699


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Admitted: 1999

Law School: University of Oklahoma, College of Law, J.D., 1999

College: University of California, Santa Barbara

Birth Date and Place: December 1972, St. Louis, Missouri

Practice Areas: Truck Wreck, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident, Truck Accident, Tractor-Trailer Wreck, Semi Truck Accident, Semi-Truck Wreck, 18 Wheeler Wreck, Tractor Rig Accidents, Tractor Trailer Wrecks, Big Truck Accident, Trucking Accident

Additional Information: 

Mr. Capron received his undergraduate degree in Psychology with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and received his Juris Doctorate degree with highest honors from the University of Oklahoma. He is a member of the Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, the Order of the Coif and is a former editor of the Oklahoma Law Review.

Early in his career, Mr. Capron discovered a "knack" for trial work. Rejecting much of the advice of the so called "experts," Capron opted for, what he considers, a more honest and candid approach to trial work. "First you have to recognize that jurors are just people. If you can talk to them like people and stop trying to deceive them with the latest trial gimmick, you are two steps ahead of the game." This approach to trial work has proven very successful. Mr. Capron has obtained verdicts totaling more than fifty million dollars.

Unlike many trial lawyers, Mr. Capron has extensive experience as an appellate practitioner at both the state and federal levels. On multiple occasions, Mr. Capron has successfully engaged in appeals before several federal and state appellate courts. Mr. Capron has published articles and taught seminars on a variety of topics. Mr. Capron’s litigation now focusses on catastrophic injury cases involving trucking collisions.

The emphasis on trucking litigation was chosen upon the realization that few everyday occurrences can so dramatically and tragically affect ordinary people as trucking collisions. Mr. Capron’s experience (originally working for, and now against, big trucking companies) indicates that trucking companies are more concerned with speed of delivery than safety. Speed of delivery translates into bigger profits for trucking companies, yet damages caused by lack of safety (including excessive speed, overly-extended hours of operation, and driving while intoxicated or while suffering from sleep deprivation) generally don’t cost trucking companies anything because insurance companies pick up the tab. With this dynamic in place, trucking companies have little incentive to focus on people instead of profits.

Litigating trucking collision cases, and definitively determining what actually happened, has become more and more scientific and requires a high degree of experience to do it right. Getting the information parties need to successfully litigate trucking collision liability requires knowledge of Department of Transportation logging requirements, ECM (so called “black box”) data collection, the mathematics of scene measurements and re-creation, and, of course, highly qualified expert witnesses.

Centrally located, Capron & Edwards operates from a national crossroads. We do not handle simple automobile collision cases. The resources and investment we make in trucking collision cases and other catastrophic loss cases far exceeds what would be necessary for a simple automobile collision. We handle trucking collision cases and catastrophic injury cases only. Our central location allows us to be onsite quickly, and to do the most to protect and preserve evidence – including avoiding the contortion of evidence often caused by insurance companies in the immediate aftermath of a trucking collision. We team with the highest quality of experts to complete each case by developing the most accurate, scientifically-based, re-creation of each collision in our effort to both establish which party is liable, as well as to bring essential closure to those involved.

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