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 Alan  Nye
225 Commercial St.
Portland, ME 04101

Position: Member

TEL: 207-828-4400


Email: Click Here


Admitted: Maine, 1980

Law School: New England School of Law, J.D.

College: University of Maine, B.A.

Birth Date and Place: 1955

Practice Areas: Alan Nye's practice concentrates on Internet Technology, E-commerce, corporations, family law, Wills, real estate and civil litigation. He also frequently consults with attorneys, law firms and their clients on hardware, software and technology issues.

Additional Information: The Great Idea All successful businesses are formed with a single great idea. It's what you do with that idea that dictates where you and your company end up. That idea must be nourished by action. The successful entrepreneur assembles a team of various professionals who can that great idea and make it a reality. The old approach allowed new businesses to take their time and carefully consider every angle before making a move. The belief was that only a slow and steady pace would grow a business in a fiscally sound manner. Then along came the Internet. Suddenly businesses were moving at light speed. Today, slow and steady usually means a missed opportunity. In the current high tech environment, there's no room for false starts, indecision or anything else that slows you down. Your business moves at Internet speed. Your lawyer must too. You don't need it now -- you need it yesterday! It's crucial that Internet start-ups have good legal assistance at the earliest possible stage. You want experienced counsel that can help you navigate the complex web of legal issues involved in creating a new E-Commerce businesses or moving your existing "bricks and mortar" business online. I work to help your business quickly and efficiently reach its goals. My mission is to quickly handle whatever legal need arises so that you can concentrate on making your business a success. Whether it's the proper initial formation of your business, helping create a rock-solid business plan, E-Commerce licensing and partnership agreements, website contracts, venture capital financing, domain name disputes, legal notices, employee benefits or any other legal concerns, call or write for prompt, professional advice. Why choose a small firm? Size doesn't necessarily mean expertise. Many times, size inhibits speed. Large firms might claim to do it all ... but are your legal problems going to get the attention they deserve? If you want individual attention from a lawyer who promptly handles questions, quickly returns phone calls, works as fast as you do and has the experience to help you take your business to the next level, look no further. The time is now If you only hire a lawyer when you're being sued or in trouble, you've waited too long. You need solid legal advice from day one. It's better to act now to deal with the myriad of issues that are certain to crop up. Hiring a tech savvy lawyer is absolutely essential to your business success. Do it today.

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