Age Discrimination Law
Donald J. Trump v. Secretary Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et al.

Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious.
But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations
and then proof. We have neither here.
The Trump Presidential Campaign asserts that Pennsylvania’s 2020 election was unfair.
But as lawyer Rudolph Giuliani stressed, the Campaign “doesn’t plead fraud. . .... More...
   $0 (11-27-2020 - PA)

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Family Planning and Preventative Health Services, et al. v. Sylvia Hernandez Kaufmann

In this interlocutory appeal of a preliminary injunction, the dispositive issue is whether 42 U.S.C. § 1396a(a)(23) gives Medicaid patients a right to challenge, under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, a State’s determination that a health care provider is not “qualified” within the meaning of § 1396a(a)(23). Our decision rests primarily on two independent bases: (1) the Supreme Court’s decision in O’Bannon v. To... More...   $0 (11-25-2020 - TX)


Cincinnati, OH - The city of Cincinnati created the Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA) as part
of a settlement agreement to a federal lawsuit alleging racial discrimination within the Cincinnati Police Department.

The CCA is the product of what is known as the “Collaborative Agreement”: a
class action settlement blessed by a... More...
   $0 (11-12-2020 - OH)

Jeffrey Snyder, D.O. v. Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical Colleges et al.

Oklahoma City civil rights lawyer represented Jeffrey Snyder, D.O. who sued the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical Colleges et al. on a job discrimination theory.... More...   $0 (11-10-2020 - OK)

David L. Brewer v. City of McComb City, Mississippi

Madison, Mississippi civil rights lawyer represented David L. Brewer who sued the City of McComb City, Mississippi on a civil rights employment discrimination theory.... More...   $1 (11-05-2020 - MS)

Endia Howell v. Unity Delaware, L.L.C, d/b/a Vivaant Hotels

Beaufort, South Carolina civil rights lawyer represented plaintiff on a job discrimination claim.

Endia Howell sued Unity Delaware, L.L.C, d/b/a Vivaant Hotels, Sanjay Patel and Marriott International, Inc. on a civil rights job discrimination theory.

... More...
   $1 (11-04-2020 - SC)

Stephanie Flanders v. Chartwell Management, L.L.C.

Concord, New Hampshire civil rights job discrimination lawyer represented Stephanie Flanders who sued Chartwell Management, L.L.C. on a civil rights job discrimination in employment theory.... More...   $0 (11-01-2020 - NH)

Signs for Jesus v. Town of Pembroke, NH, et al.

The Town of Pembroke, New
Hampshire, bans the use of electronic signs in all of its zoning
districts except its commercial district (C1) and certain nearby
areas. In April 2015, Hillside Baptist Church -- located outside
of these areas -- applied for a permit to install an electronic
sign on its property, which would transmit messages provided by
Signs for Jesus, a nonprofi... More...
   $0 (10-21-2020 - NH)

Brown Y. Massaquoi v. 20 Maitland Street Operations LLC, d/b/a Harris Hill Center

Concord, New Hampsire employment discrimination lawyer represented Brown Y. Massaquoi who sued 20 Maitland Street Operations LLC, d/b/a Harris Hill on an employment discrimination theory.

This case was filed in the Merrimack County Superior Court, 217-2018-CV-00205, and was removed to federal court by the Defendant.... More...
   $0 (10-20-2020 - NH)

Ingrid J. Barbee v. Weglarz, Fair, LLC Marriott International, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois job discrimination lawyer represented Ingrid J. Barbee who sued Weglarz, Fair, LLC Marriott International, Inc. and Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Inc. claiming to have been discriminated against because of her race under 42 U.S.C. 2000.... More...   $1 (10-07-2020 - IL)

Arash Alborzi v. University of Southern California

Plaintiffs Arash Alborzi, M.D., and Arash Alborzi, M.D.,
Inc. sued defendants University of Southern California, Keck
School of Medicine of USC, and USC Verdugo Hills Hospital
(collectively, USC); as well as Concord Hospitalist Group and
Elevate Health Group. Alborzi and his corporation were part of a
panel of on-call physicians at Verdugo Hills Hospital. Plaintiffs
alleged... More...
   $0 (10-01-2020 - CA)

Beverly Dawson v. Oral Roberts University

Tulsa, Oklahoma civil rights lawyer represented plaintiff on an employment discrimination claim.

Beverly Dawson sued Oral Roberts University on an employment discrimination theory, 42 U.S.C. 2000e, claiming that she was discriminated against on the basis of sex. She claimed that she was hired and employed as a Women's Tennis Coach at ORU and was subjected to a hostile work environmen... More...
   $1 (09-29-2020 - OK)

Allen Miller v. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., et al.

Reno, Nevada truck wreck lawyer

Allen Miller (“Miller”) suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a semi-tractor trailer while driving near Elko, Nevada. Miller sued C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (“C.H. Robinson”), the freight broker that arranged for ... More...
   $0 (09-28-2020 - NV)

Ian Murray v. My Tran

Dr. My Tran and Dr. Ian Murray are dentists who owned a dental
practice known as Bird Rock Dental. Dr. Murray worked at the practice and
Dr. Tran handled the business operations through his own separate entity.
About two years after they formed the practice, they had financial disputes.
In the midst of these disputes, Dr. Tran accused Dr. Murray of substandard
dental work and ... More...
   $0 (09-28-2020 - CA)

Keith Deshaun Mathews v. The State of Texas

Fort Worth, TX - Criminal Defense Attorney, Aggravated Assault

Appellant Keith Deshaun Mathews appeals his convictions for aggravated
assault with a deadly weapon and assault against a family or household member with a
previous conviction. See Tex. Penal Code Ann. §§ 22.01(b)(2)(A), .02(a)(2). The trial
court sentenced Mathews to 20 years’ imprisonment on each count to r... More...
   $0 (09-27-2020 - TX)

Harlianne Woods v. ELSR Management, LLC d/b/a Buffalo Wild Wings

Muskogee, Oklahoma civil rights lawyer represented Harlianne Woods on her job discrimination in employment claim against ELSR d/b/a Buffalo Wild Wings.... More...   $0 (09-25-2020 - OK)

John Doe v. Google, Inc.

San Francisco, CA - Employment Law Lawyer

Google, Inc. and Alphabet, Inc. (collectively, Google), and Adecco USA,
Inc. (Adecco) require their employees to comply with various confidentiality
policies. John Doe, David Gudeman, and Paola Correa, who are current and
former Google and Adecco employees, sued Google and Adecco under the
Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act o... More...
   $0 (09-25-2020 - CA)

Roberto Amaya Pacas v. The State of Texas

Houston, TX - criminal law, Aggravated Assault

In October 2017, a grand jury returned three indictments against Pacas
relating to the same incident in which he shot his girlfriend and ... More...
   $0 (09-23-2020 - TX)

United States of America v. Joe Black's Bar and Grill and Hub Pub

Bismarck, ND - Consumer Law, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The United States of America sued Joe Black's Bar and Grill and Hub Pub claiming that defendants were violation the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the operations of their businesse... More...
   $0 (09-20-2020 - ND)

Aerotek, Inc. v. Johnson Group Staffing Company, Inc., Porter Scott, P.C., Real Party in Interest

California’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act allows courts to award reasonable attorney
fees and costs to the “prevailing party” in certain cases involving bad faith claims. (Civ.
Code, § 3426.4.)1
The issue here concerns the ownership of fees awarded under this
statute. Is the prevailing litigant (here, The Johnson Group Staffing Company, Inc.) or
the prevailing litigant’s attorney... More...
   $0 (09-19-2020 - CA)

Edward G. Carr v. Sue Catron and City of Tahlequah

Muskogee, Oklahoma civil rights lawyer represented Edward G. Carr who sued Sue Catron and City of Tahlequah on job discrimination because of age theories.... More...   $1 (09-15-2020 - OK)

Crista Ramos, et al. v. Chad F. Wolf

San Francisco, CA - Immigration

The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program is a congressionally created humanitarian program administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that provides temporary relief to nationals of designated foreign coun... More...
   $0 (09-15-2020 - CA)


Dayton, OH gross sexual imposition, soliciting a minor

{¶ 2} On May 23, 2019, Shoffner was indicted on one count of gross sexual
imposition in violation of ... More...
   $0 (09-13-2020 - OH)

Mohamed Aljabban v. Fontana Indoor Swap Meet, Inc.

San Bernardino, CA - Landlord and Tenant

A. The Swap Meet
FISM operates an indoor swap meet in the city of Fontana (the Swap
Meet), consisting of a collection of approximately 75 businesses operating
under one roof in individually assigned space... More...
   $0 (09-12-2020 - CA)

Department of Fair Employment and Housing v. Cathy's Creations, Inc.

Sacramento, CA - Fair Employment and Housing

The question presented in this appeal is whether an award of attorneys’ fees under
Code of Civil Procedure section 1021.5 was properly denied to the prevailing defendants
in an action brought by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing
(DFEH) under Government Code section 12974.1
Section 12974 contains a unilateral... More...
   $0 (09-11-2020 - CA)

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