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Larceny Law

The defendant, Raymond Tucker, appeals from the judgment of the trial court finding him in violation of probation pursuant to General Statutes § 53a-32. On appeal, the defendant claims that the court (1) erred in admitting a 911 recording into evidence, (2) erroneously found that the defendant had violated his probation, and (3) abused its discretion in imposing a sentence of three years incarcer... More...   $0 (01-19-2018 - CT)

State of Oklahoma v. Joshua Clayton Price MoreLaw Suites 406 South Boulder and 624 South Denver 918-582-3993 or Info@morelaw.com

Tulsa, OK - Defendant Pleads Guilty To Role In Murder and Gets 15-Years

The State of Oklahoma charged Joshua Clayton Price with:

Count # 1. Count as Filed: HM11, MURDER - FIRST DEGREE, in violation of 21 O.S. 701.7
Date of Offense: 07/17/2015
Party Name Disposition Information
KNAPPER, JAMES EDWARD Disposed: CONVICTION, 02/24/2017. Jury Trial... More...
   $0 (01-19-2018 - OK)

United States of America v. Jesse J. Waln District of South Dakota Federal Courthouse - Pierre, South Dakota

Pierre, SD - Mission Man Convicted of Possession of Stolen Firearms

Jesse J. Waln, age 32, of Mission, South Dakota, was found guilty on January 10, 2018 of two counts of Possession of Stolen Firearms as a result of a federal jury trial in Pierre, South Dakota.

The charges each carry a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in custody and/or a $250,000 fine, 3 years of supervised rel... More...
   $0 (01-18-2018 - SD)

United States of America v. Paul Suarez Eastern District of Texas Federal Courthouse - Beaumont, Texas

A jury convicted Paul Suarez for his involvement in a drug trafficking
conspiracy and for firearms offenses. Suarez appeals contending that the
convictions were not supported by sufficient evidence. He also asserts that the
district court erred in imposing a 120-month (ten year) mandatory minimum
prison sentence for possession of a sawed-off shotgun in furtherance of a drug
tra... More...
   $0 (01-15-2018 - TX)

United States of America v. Ricardo Javier Garza District of New Mexico Federal Courthouse - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruzes, NM - Felon from Carlsbad Pleads Guilty to Violating Federal Firearms Laws

Ricardo Javier Garza, 41, of Carlsbad, N.M., pled guilty on January 8, 2017 in Las Cruces, N.M., federal court to violating the federal firearms laws by unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrested Garza on May 4, 2017, on a c... More...
   $0 (01-10-2018 - NM)

Animal Legal Defense Fund, et al. v. Lawrence G. Wasden District of Idaho Federal Courthouse - Boise, Idaho

Investigative journalism has long been a fixture in the American press, particularly with regard to food safety.1 In the early 1900s, Upton Sinclair highlighted conditions in the meat-packing industry in The Jungle, a novel based on his time working incognito in a packing plant.2 This case also originates in the agricultural sector—a secretly-filmed exposé of the operation of an Idaho dairy farm. ... More...   $0 (01-09-2018 - ID)


The record tends to show the following:
At roughly 1:00 AM on 14 August 2012, the Pamlico County Fire Marshal
received a call concerning a burning structure in Grantsboro, North Carolina. A local
sheriff’s deputy arrived first at the scene of the fire, where he was greeted by
Defendant and another gentleman, Michael Block (“Mr. Block”). Defendant told the
sheriff’s depu... More...
   $0 (01-07-2018 - NC)


The evidence showed that on the night of 28 July 2014, a masked man armed
with a gun, later identified as defendant, entered the I-40 Supergas gas station and
convenience store in Johnston County, North Carolina. Defendant demanded money
from the clerk behind the counter, Sunny Kapoor. When Mr. Kapoor informed
defendant that the cash register was locked and had to be opened u... More...
   $0 (01-07-2018 - FL)


Shade was charged with the offenses of "Embezzlement by Employee" (Count I) and "Second Degree Burglary" (Count II) in Cleveland County, Case No. CRF-998-47, and "Larceny of Motor Vehicle" in Logan County, Case No. CRF-1997-10. In 2012, Shade received a full pardon for these offenses.
¶3 In June 2016, Shade filed a petition seeking to expunge all records pertaining to Case No. CRF-998-47. Shad... More...
   $0 (01-06-2018 - OK)

Roba Newbhard vs. The State of Florida

The evidence at trial, in a light most favorable to upholding the jury’s
verdict, established the following:
On the night of March 21, 2012, David Montesino, his girlfriend Janette
Garcia, and their six-year old daughter were leaving their third-floor apartment to
get something to eat. Montesino began walking down the stairs with his daughter,
with Garcia not far behind. Wh... More...
   $0 (12-21-2017 - )

United States of Ameriva v. Geoffrey Thomas Gattis United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

After Geoffrey Gattis pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon, in
violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1), the district court sentenced him to 70 months’
imprisonment, at the low end of the Sentencing Guidelines range that it had calculated.
In calculating that range, the court applied an enhanced base offense level under U.S.S.G.
§ 2K2.1(a)(4)(A), based on its conclusion t... More...
   $0 (12-04-2017 - NC)

The People of the State of New York v. Stan XuHui Li Pain Clinic Doctor Is Sentenced in Overdose Deaths of 2 Patients

Defendant was a physician specializing in pain management. In 2004, he opened a pain management clinic in Queens. According to the People, the clinic was nothing more than a "pill mill" catering to people who were hopelessly addicted to pain medicine, primarily opioids. The People's evidence showed that, despite having been trained in the wide variety of methods for identifying legitimate pain and... More...   $0 (12-02-2017 - NY)

STATE OF LOUISIANA V. TRAVIS HENDERSON State of Louisiana Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit

On March 21, 2012, the State filed a bill of information charging defendant
with one count of armed robbery with a firearm, in violation of La. R.S. 14:64, one
count of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, in violation of La. R.S.
14:92 E(1), and one count of illegal possession of stolen things, in violation of La.
R.S. 14:69. On March 26, 2012, defendant entered ple... More...
   $0 (12-01-2017 - LA)

COMMONWEALTH vs. MOHAMMED T. KHAN The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

In the light most favorable to the
Commonwealth, Commonwealth v. Latimore, 378 Mass. 671, 676-677
(1979), the jury could have found the following facts.
1. The scam. In February, 2014, each of the four victims
received telephone calls from individuals who claimed that the
victim's grandchild was in jail and needed money for bail. The
caller directed the victims ... More...
   $0 (11-28-2017 - MA)

Rickey Darrell Miller v. State of Texas Court of Appeals Fifth District of Texas at Dallas

Miller’s eight-year-old granddaughter, N.S., made an outcry to her school counselor that
Miller had sexually abused her. N.S. provided more details of two assaults in a subsequent
forensic interview at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. N.S., who was ten years old at the
time of trial, testified about two incidents during which Miller sexually abused her. Miller also
tes... More...
   $0 (11-26-2017 - TX)


The evidence at trial establishes the following factual background. Sherri
Hancock (“Ms. Hancock”) was at home on the afternoon of 17 January 2015, when
she heard a car pull into her driveway. Her house was at the end of a long driveway,
and not visible from the road. She looked out a window and saw a red Honda Accord
(“the car”) parked next to some bushes beside her house. ... More...
   $0 (11-21-2017 - NC)

STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA v. ED LEVAN HARRIS North Carolina Court of Appeals

On 3 July 2014, Keith Williams sustained a gunshot wound to the back of his
neck. On 2 February 2015, defendant was indicted for attempted first-degree murder,
assault with a deadly weapon intending to kill inflicting serious injury, and
possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, with all of these charges arising from the
incident in which Mr. Williams was shot.
The ... More...
   $0 (11-21-2017 - NC)

State of Oklahoma v. Sonny Raye McComb Tulsa County Courthouse - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK - Man With Extensive Rap Sheet Found Guilty of Second-Degree Robbery

The State of Oklahoma charged Sonny Raye McComb, age 26, with:

Count # 1. Count as Filed: OROB, ROBBERY - 1ST DEGREE, in violation of 21 O.S. 798
Date of Offense: 12/15/2016
Party Name Disposition Information
Count # 2. Count ... More...
   $0 (09-14-2017 - OK)

United States of America v. Friana Fugate Federal Courthouse - Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, NY - Former Postal Carrier Sentenced For Bribery, Drug Distribution And Delay Of Mail

Briana Fugate, 27, of Cheektowaga, N.Y., who was convicted of bribery, distribution of marijuana, and delay of mail, was sentenced to 12 months.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Wei Xiang, who handled the case, stated that Fugate accepted bribes to help deliver what she believed to be drug ship... More...
   $0 (08-29-2017 - NY)

Orange County Water District v. Sabic Innovative Plastics US, LLC

The Orange County Water District (District) was created by the California
Legislature to protect and manage groundwater supplies within its territory, which covers
most of Orange County, California. The District and other regulatory agencies have long
been aware of localized groundwater contamination caused by hazardous substance
releases at various sites in the so-called "South Ba... More...
   $0 (08-26-2017 - CA)

United States of America v. Alex Villarreal Federal Courthouse - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM - Another Albuquerque Resident Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges Arising Out of ATF-Led Operation Targeting Drug Trafficking and Firearms Crime in Bernalillo County

71 of 104 Federal Defendants Charged as the Result of ATF-Led Investigation Pursued in Support of Federal “Worst of the Worst” Anti-Violence Initiative have Pleaded Guilty

In Aug. 2016, a multi-agency... More...
   $0 (08-18-2017 - NM)

Orange County Water District v. Sabic Innovative Plastics US, LLC

The Orange County Water District (District) was created by the California
Legislature to protect and manage groundwater supplies within its territory, which covers
most of Orange County, California. The District and other regulatory agencies have long
been aware of localized groundwater contamination caused by hazardous substance
releases at various sites in the so-called "South Ba... More...
   $0 (08-07-2017 - CA)

United States of America v. Keith Schwartz, a/k/a Bernie Kype United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Denver, Colorado

Defendant Keith Schwartz operated a pain-management clinic that prescribed
opioids outside the usual course of medical practice. For his role in that operation, a
jury convicted Schwartz of various counts related to unlawful drug distribution and
money laundering, and the district court imposed a fifteen-year prison sentence.
Schwartz attacks both his convictions and sentence. He a... More...
   $0 (07-31-2017 - CO)

State of New York v. Norman Beavers

New York, NY - Defendant Sentenced to 11.5 Years For Stealing and Using Victim's Identity for 12 Years

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today announced the sentencing of NORMAN BEAVERS, 48, to 5 ½-to-11 years in state prison for stealing the identity of a Manhattan resident, working under the victim’s name and Social Security number, fraudulently collecting unemployment be... More...
   $0 (07-19-2017 - NY)


On October 28, 2013, at a Walmart in Lawrence, Kansas, Shuckahosee was stopped by a Walmart asset protection officer (APO) outside the front entrance of the store with a cart full of items for which she had not paid. Shuckahosee told the APO that she had gone outside without paying because she had not completed her shopping; she wanted to buy a pumpkin on display outside the store's front entrance... More...   $0 (07-12-2017 - KS)

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