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Kenneth Lee Hawkins v. The State of Texas

On January 1, 1996, then-16-year-old S.G. lived in a facility that housed
juveniles who were transitioning out of the juvenile justice system. To celebrate
the holidays, the facility took the juvenile residents, including S.G., to a Houston
park where they stayed all day. However, at the end of day, S.G. missed the van
that brought the residents back to the facility. S.G. wa... More...
   $0 (03-23-2018 - TX)


On October 24, 2012, Appellant, Britnie Wiggins and Donnie Parton3 were driving around south Oklahoma City looking for a way to come up with some fast cash. Wiggins was particularly desperate for cash. Her rent was due and, by her own admission, she "was tired and . . . didn't want to go work." Wiggins and the others were also high on methamphetamine. To score some cash, Wiggins suggested the trio... More...   $0 (03-23-2018 - OK)


On December 20, 2017, Respondents Michael O. Thompson, Mary Lynn Peacher, and Ray H. Potts (collectively, Proponents) filed Initiative Petition No. 416, State Question No. 795 (IP 416) with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. IP 416 would create a new Article XIII-C in the Oklahoma Constitution. IP 416 contains 8 sections, which Proponents assert will levy a new 5% gross production tax on oil and gas... More...   $0 (03-23-2018 - OK)

United States of America v. Joel A. Sabean, M.D. District of Maine Federal Courthouse - Portland, Maine

This case, which reads like an
anthology of pain, pathos, and personal degradation, paints a grim
picture of the human condition. It intertwines allegations of an
incestuous relationship with criminal charges of tax evasion,
unlawful distribution of controlled substances, and health-care
fraud. Following a contentious trial, the jury found defendantappellant
Joel A. Sabean ... More...
   $0 (03-22-2018 - ME)

Eleanor Licensing, LLC v. Classic Recreations, LLC

Following a four-day bench trial, the court entered
judgment in favor of Eleanor Licensing LLC and Denice
Shakarian Halicki and against Classic Recreations, LLC, T&D
Motor Company, Jason Engel and Tony Engel (collectively
Classic), ordering that Eleanor Licensing retain possession of a
vehicle identified as “Eleanor No. 1,” which had been
manufactured by Classic pursuant to... More...
   $0 (03-22-2018 - CA)


Sly Maples was tried for abuse of a child and felony murder. He was convicted of abuse of a child and sentenced to 136 months' prison based on a criminal history score of A. These charges stem from incidents that occurred between January 19, 2015, and January 20, 2015, that ultimately lead to the death of A.D.

On January 19, 2015, Maples choked and shook A.D. causing severe bruising a... More...
   $0 (03-21-2018 - KS)

Matthew C. McGlynn v. State of California

In this mandamus proceeding, six judges who were elected to the superior court in
mid-term elections in 2012, but who did not take office until January 7, 2013, maintain
they are entitled to benefits under the Judges’ Retirement System II (JRS II)1
as in effect
at the time they were elected, rather than at the time they assumed office. This is a matter
of considerable importanc... More...
   $0 (03-21-2018 - CA)


Morrow was arrested in December 2014 and charged with six counts of felony sex offenses, one count each of: rape of a child under age 14; aggravated criminal sodomy of a child under age 14; aggravated indecent liberties with a child; rape; criminal sodomy; and aggravated indecent liberties. The State later added an additional count of aggravated criminal sodomy of a child under age 14 and one coun... More...   $0 (03-20-2018 - KS)


Zachary Bergman pled guilty to one count of aggravated assault. Before sentencing, he moved to withdraw his plea. After an evidentiary hearing, the district court denied Bergman's motion. On appeal, Bergman argues that the district court abused its discretion by finding no good cause existed to withdraw his plea. For the reasons stated below, we reject this argument. Accordingly, we affirm.
... More...
   $0 (03-20-2018 - KS)


On August 29, 2015, the State charged Collins with a single count of aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer. Kenneth Newton of the Sedgwick County Public
Defender's Office was appointed to represent Collins. Collins was bound over for trial after a preliminary hearing held on December 3, 2015.

Despite the fact that he was represented by an attorney, Collins filed n... More...
   $0 (03-20-2018 - KS)


In April 2015, Eastman moved into a friend's house in Lawrence and began using methamphetamine. That same week she met Kevin Grob. According to Eastman, when Grob learned that she used methamphetamine, he invited her "to get high." Eastman accepted the invitation and the pair used methamphetamine together. Subsequently, Eastman claimed Grob supplied her with methamphetamine "quite a few times" dur... More...   $0 (03-20-2018 - KS)

Susan E. Hammatt, et al. v. General Motors Company, et al. Morelaw Internet Marketing for Legal Professionals MoreLaw Can Make Your Phone Ring 888-354-4529

New York, NY - Susan E. Hammatt, et al. sued General Motors Company, et al. on a vehicular product liability theory.

Date Filed # Docket Text
02/14/2018 173 ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the next status conference in this matter, previously scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. on March 23, 2018, will begin instead at 1:30 p.m. Counsel shall promptly update the MDL website with the new... More...
   $0 (03-20-2018 - NY)

Abraham Aleiandro Gonzalez-Alarcon v. Adrian P. Macias District of New Mexico Federal Courthouse - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Abraham Gonzalez-Alarcon filed a habeas petition under 28 U.S.C. § 2241
alleging specific facts which, if proven, would demonstrate that he is a United States
citizen. He seeks release from custody from Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(“ICE”) following ICE’s reinstatement of a prior order of removal on that basis.
Dismissing Gonzalez-Alarcon’s petition, the district court concl... More...
   $0 (03-20-2018 - NM)

J. Arthur Properties, II, LLC v. City of San Jose

Plaintiff SV Care operated a medical marijuana collective in a commercial zoning
district in San Jose. Plaintiff J. Arthur Properties, II, LLC owns the building in which SV
Care operated. Defendants City of San Jose and City of San Jose Appeals Hearing Board
(collectively, the City) determined that a medical marijuana collective was not an
authorized use of the subject property and... More...
   $0 (03-20-2018 - CA)


In September 2015, McRae and a codefendant flew from New York to Wichita, Kansas. While in Wichita, he obtained property by using fraudulently manufactured credit cards containing stolen financial information. He then delivered or attempted to deliver the illegally obtained property to Federal Express to be shipped out of the state. McRae was charged with eight counts, including three counts of fe... More...   $0 (03-19-2018 - KS)

United States of America, ex rel. Frank Solis v. Schering-Plough Corporation; Merck & Co. Eastern District of California Federal Courthouse - Sacramento, California

Frank Solis appeals from the dismissal of his False
Claims Act action against three pharmaceutical companies.
We have jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1291, and we affirm
in part and vacate and remand in part.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. hired Solis to promote
sales of a cardiovascular drug, Integrilin. He moved to
Schering-Plough Corp. after Schering acquired the... More...
   $0 (03-19-2018 - CA)

Marlyn Sali v. Corona Regional Medical Center, UHS of Delaware, Inc. Central District of California Federal Courthouse - Los Angeles, California

The discovery process in theory should be cooperative and largely unsupervised by the district court. But when required disclosures aren’t made or cooperation breaks down, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37 allows a party to move for an order compelling disclosures or discovery. If the order is disobeyed, the court can impose contempt and other sanctions. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45, which ... More...   $0 (03-19-2018 - CA)


Defendant Evan Tylor Mahoney challenges the Ellis County District Court's ruling denying his motion to suppress the results of a breathalyzer test used to support his conviction for driving under the influence in violation of K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 8-1567. Mahoney contends his consent to the testing was impermissibly coerced because of the criminal penalties imposed in K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 8-1025, a stat... More...   $0 (03-19-2018 - KS)

Petrolink, Inc. v. Lantel Enterprises

In this appeal, plaintiff Petrolink, Inc. (Petrolink) seeks a modification of a
judgment entered in its favor on its cause of action for specific performance. Petrolink
leased a parcel of undeveloped property from defendant Lantel Enterprises (Lantel),
pursuant to a lease agreement that included a provision allowing the lessee to purchase
the property at the fair market valu... More...
   $0 (03-19-2018 - CA)


In October 2014, Kallie Solwa lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Lawrence, Kansas, with Will Spates, the father of her two young children. On the night of October 15, 2014, Solwa return home around 7 p.m. after visiting her sister. As she was preparing her one-year-old son and two-year-old daughter for bed, their neighbor, Marcel Williams, came over to borrow a movie and then left. Williams and h... More...   $0 (03-18-2018 - KS)

United States of America v. Christopher O'Berry District of South Carolina Federal Courthouse - Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia, SC - Columbia Man Sentenced for Theft of Food Stamp Money

Christopher O’Berry, age 43, of Columbia, was sentenced to 27 months in prison for Theft of Government Money, a violation of Title 18, United States Code, § 641. Senior United States District Judge Joseph F. Anderson, Jr., of Columbia, also ordered O’Berry to pay $1,039,981.75 in restitution to the United States.
<... More...
   $0 (03-18-2018 - SC)

United States of America v. Daryl Christopher Wade District of Maryland Federal Courthouse - Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, MD - Former Baltimore City Department Of Transportation Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Taking Thousands In Bribes

After receiving bribe payments that were thrown into his Baltimore City issued vehicle Defendant Wade boasted that that the source of the bribes was, “good for life with me. . . .” and later laughed and stated, “we in cahoots now . . . .”

Daryl Christopher Wad... More...
   $0 (03-18-2018 - MD)

Shannon Hyland v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company Central District of Illinois Federal Courthouse - Springfield, Illinois

Monteil Hyland was a passenger
in a car owned by Kimberly Perkins and driven by
Miquasha Smith—who, at age 16, was not lawfully behind
the wheel when she smashed the car at 12:46 a.m. one Saturday
into two parked vehicles, seriously injuring Hyland.
Smith has been convicted of aggravated reckless driving.
Neither Smith nor her parents had auto insurance. But Perkins
had... More...
   $0 (03-18-2018 - IL)

John Cannici v. Village of Melrose Park, Illinois, et al. Northern District of Illinois Courthouse - Chicago, Illinois

Defendant-appellee, the Village of
Melrose Park (“the Village”), terminated plaintiff-appellant,
John Cannici, a former firefighter with the Village, for violating
the “Residency Requirements for Officers and Employees”
(“Residency Ordinance”) found in the Village’s Code of
2 No. 17-1424
Ordinances. Cannici filed suit against the Village claiming a
violation of both his... More...
   $0 (03-18-2018 - IL)

Quanta Computer, Inc. v. Japan Communications, Inc.

A Taiwanese company entered into a contract to
manufacture and sell cellular telephones to a Japanese
company. The parties negotiated a forum selection clause
mandating that any dispute be resolved in a California court
under California law. Nothing in the creation, performance,
or alleged breach of the contract has any connection to
California. The Taiwanese company filed ... More...
   $0 (03-18-2018 - CA)

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